2016 Alliance Golf Cup

The Alliance Golf Cup is a fun event that blends a passion for golf with the competitive spirit of the Ryder Cup. It’s great to make new friends, learn about new customs and try to defend the Cup.”

–Cary Stamp, U.S. team


“This was a good gathering with great golf. We had a chance to meet wonderful new people and try to win the tournament. I was very proud to be an official sponsor of the 2016 Alliance Golf Cup.”

–Sonia Colas, international team, co-founder, Argolf


“We got to rekindle friendships we made last year. The competition was great fun, at an extremely good golf course, but at the end of the day, we’re all friends, telling jokes and stories over dinner.”

–Tom Siddon, U.S. team


“I was very impressed with the Alliance Golf Cup. The organization, venue and friendship were all excellent, making for a relaxed and joyous event and a chance to build relationships.”

–Dr. Joel Mirbey, international team


“It was an overall great experience. We got to meet people who really love the game, and we were immersed in golf. It was a thrill to compete.”

–Christian Lord, U.S. team


“The tournament was very convivial and well organized. It was a pleasure to play golf with Americans. I would like to come back next year.”

–Fabien Milon, international team


“The competition and camaraderie, at a great facility, were excellent. It was great to have the opportunity for professional instruction as part of the Alliance Golf Cup experience.”

–Dave Gast, U.S. team


“The experience was great again this year, with such nice people. I would like to see the tournament played twice a year and maybe move it to different cities around Florida.”

–Enzo Giliardi, international team


“I look forward to playing in this event each year. The camaraderie and fun team spirit are unique to our sport.”

–Richie Mahler, U.S. team


“It was a well-organized event and an occasion to meet new people, both pros and amateurs. And the golf instruction was very good.”

–Anne Mirbey, international team


“It’s nice to see an event run this well each year. Having amateurs and professionals enjoy themselves together is rare.”

–Gordon Parker, U.S. team


“The event was outstanding. The camaraderie and the chance to play with people from all over the world were beautiful. It gives you a real Ryder Cup feel.”

–Fernando Solorzano, international team